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With Pilo’Press solutions, designers and developers can now work hand in hand using the same language and structure and create in the same way.


The optimized workflow / management of time
and resources to build a website.


Pilo’Press Design Kit is based on the incredible work of Abel Hancock’ Design system. We pushed it a little further to build a ready-to-use kit. It’s a library with hundreds of components and 30+ auto-layout sections fully customizable that come with several options to quickly adapt to your design. With the WordPress plugin you will be able to develop your layouts exactly in the same way as the designer did. You will have the same options, constraints and advantages. Thanks to TailwindCSS and ACF environment, it will be really simple to develop.





Made for Figma


These components are ready to use out-of-the-box, however, you can always customize, restyle, and organize them for your specific needs. We made these components to be as easy to restyle as possible!





Made for WordPress


This plugin is a framework for developers and a page builder for authors, based on Advanced Custom Fields Pro, ACF Extended and TailwindCSS. Easily create reusable layouts, add your design system and make a really good looking website.



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Why Pilo’Press?

Fully customizable

Fully Customizable


Customization is made really easy with a design system linked to components.

Developer friendly: using development constraints

Developer Friendly


The design system is based on TailwindCSS. This allows us to better match the need of our developers for a better hand off.

Developer Ready


Based on ACF Pro and ACF Extended, it allows you to create layouts among other things and use the Flexible Content field as a page builder.

About us


Created by Pilot’in


100% WordPress agency and digital prospecting support. We do everything we can to satisfy our employees, partners and customers on their needs today and in the future. We help and we take care of things, with a lot of benevolence and ambition!


A strong identity


Preservation over time of the brand image and the corporate identity thanks to the design system

Easy to use


Very visual administration with real-time preview, add a new layout in 2 clicks

Time saving & Reusable


You can easily reuse components across all your projects to create swiftly.

Satisfied users

Jonathan Scapin


It’s a great tool for create a website. You can create functional and custom interface for your client. Teams have published free components, for not start from scratch a slack community was created. 5 stars for your job and continue like this.



Great Plugin!

Super useful. Easy to get started if you use their starter theme and templates.



Great plugin!
This is a great plugin! Works super and is easy to use.

The support is also very great. 5-stars.

Projects created with Pilo’Press


And we are proud of it!

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