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What is Pilo’Press

Based on the incredible work of Abel Hancock’ Design system. We pushed it a little further to build a ready-to-use kit: Pilo’Press is a library with hundreds of components and 30+ auto-layout sections fully customizable that come with variants and several options to quickly adapt to your design.
Mockup to show Pilo'Press Figma kit is

What’s so great about it ?


Fully Customizable


Customization is made really easy with a design system linked to components.

All the elements are auto-layout based and use variables to easily switch from one state/option to another.


Developer Friendly


The design system is based on TailwindCSS. This allows us to better match the need of our developers for a better handoff.


Developer ready (actual WordPress plugin)


Pilo’Press is also a framework plugin for WordPress. Based on ACF and ACF Extended, it allows you to create layouts among other things and use the Flexible Content field as a page builder. You can find it on WordPress and let developers in your team try it for free


Sections you’ll find:


You’ll find a bunch of sections for a complete website design.

💡 Bonus ! They’re also ready to use for developers. Find out more on Github

  • Hero headers
  • Checkerboard
  • CTA
  • Icons
  • Key-numbers
  • Menu
  • Logo
  • Footer

Ready to dive in?


It’s ready and it’s free!


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