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Useful presets

Thanks to the amazing Figma community, you can use a lot of plugins that can make your life easier
Example of useful presets in Figma
Before using Pilo’Press Library and starting a new project, you should consider installing the following presets:

Mandatory preset: You will not run the library properly without it



  • FontAwesome: This tool is not a plugin, but a font called Font awesome. Font Awesome allow us to add icons easily without charging them on the file, it is not SVG, nor JPG or neither PNG but glyphs. We use the Premium version, but you can start with the free one. Or replace the icon layer in components by your own icons set. If you are already using Fontawesome, good for you ?. For the other you’ll have to follow a few step:
    1. Install free (or Pro) version of the font :https://fontawesome.com/v6.0
    2. When opening the Pilo’Press Library file you’ll have a Missing Font notification
    3. Just select Font Awesome 5 Pro and replace it with the one you downloaded


To use and edit icons in a component, select the icon layer (it should be a text layer) and type the name of the icon you want. You can find all the shortcuts on this page (I guaranty that you will know them by heart very quickly ?) https://fontawesome.com/v5.15/icons?d=gallery&p=2&m=free



Really useful: It will save you hours


  • Batch styler: THE essential plugin to use for updating text and color styles very quickly in your stylesheet. Thanks to Batch Styler you have the possibility to turn your wireframes into webdesign matching your identity in a heartbeat.
  • Lorem Ipsum. It’s a plugin that allows you to quickly fill your text area with fake latin sentences without loosing your time searching for texts. For wireframes it’s perfect.
  • Unsplash: Insert beautiful images from Unsplash (website with source of freely-usable images) straight into your designs.
  • Themer: Really cool to use but a little bit more complicated to install. Themer enables you to create and swap themes from your styles in your team library. Use it for color, text and effect styles. If you already have styles set in an other document you can easily apply it to Pilo’Press with Themer



Optional: Very cool to use but you can live without it


  • Tailwind color generator: If you want to match the needs of your developers, you’ll need to give them Tailwind color styles. We are already working with this framework so our design system is already Tailwind based but if you want to create more and easily, use this plugin

Well, now you are fully prepared to get started, enjoy !!

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